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Become a more effective leader with concise, actionable, and anecdotal weekly leadership skills training

The Leading Edge is a weekly email bulletin that shares top leadership strategies for higher performance.

  • Make better decisions under pressure.
  • Build resilience to recover from failures fast.
  • Resolve conflicts to build an effective team.

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What to expect from your edge

  • Ways to seamlessly integrate AI into your business strategies.
  • Bring your skills, curiosity, and best true self to your work.
  • Tips to align team members with a purpose, core values, and culture.
  • Launch rapid transformation in the face of unprecedented uncertainty.
  • Unlock human potential and transform organizational structure and culture.
  • Shift from research to results and be on the cutting-edge of change.

Who is behind the results

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh is a High-Performance Mindset Coach

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh - Emotional Intelligence Coach

Create alignment with a vision

Helped professional athlete Matt Field to create a strong, aligned team and grow top-line revenue by 37%.

Optimize disjointed funnels

Enhanced leadership strategies for Loomis Homes, equipping the team to optimize its marketing funnel and convert more customers.


Build better leadership

Honed executive coaching skills for leadership at Event Center Seelisberg AG helping guide a successful transformation.


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