The Manifestation Method Masterclass

Make manifesting your new daily habit

What Is It?

The Manifestation Method Masterclass is 4-week online training program for high achievers who want to manifest more, raise their vibe, build positive habits, and upgrade their mindset to become the best version of themselves possible.

95% of Your Life is a Pattern of Learned Habits

Our life is a habitual pattern of thoughts, feelings, actions, decisions, and reactions.

What many of us fail to recognize is that if something can be learned, it can be unlearned as well.

Let’s say for example you developed a fear of other people’s opinions or a fear of making mistakes and failing.

As quickly as you bought into these illusions is as quickly as you can dismantle them.

Once you gain a better understanding on how to build positive habits, you unlock the door to programming your desires into a system that uses the power of habits to create change instead of being the source of resistance to change.

Living each and every day of your life with intention, appreciation, and acceptance is a powerful way to live.

Let’s make you the captain of your ship instead of a passenger.

Once you realize the ability to create starts with you from within and you see that power in action, you’re hooked on manifestation.

The Manifestation Method Masterclass gives you the tools paired with a proven methodology as to how to reprogram your habitual patterns to a become better version of you.

Your instructor Dr. Jay Cavanaugh

Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Dr. Jay Cavanaugh and I will be your instructor for this masterclass.

As a High-Performance Mindset Coach, I have coached professional athletes to achieve more than they believed possible.

My philosophy is centered on creating daily habits designed for daily manifestation.

I’ve won motorsports championships and was at the top 1% of my profession’s income level for 12 years.

You’ll learn the exact methods I share with professional athletes on a daily basis.

What to Expect

New mindset = New results

Stop questioning and start believing

Quiet the chatter of self-doubt and amplify the voice of endless possibilities!


Accomplish more by thinking less

Stop overthinking and start trusting yourself more with “agreed acceptance.”


Don’t change when you wake up but how

Break the habit of awakening to your to-do list and start with your to-feel and to-be list.


Become the intentional creator of your life

Create your day by design instead of passively being a participant in it.

Challenge your limiting beliefs

We all have a constant dialogue happening in our minds at all times.

“I’m not sure I’m good enough to tackle all of this.”

“What if our plan falls apart and things don’t work out?”

“I’m just not ready quite yet, maybe next week.”

What feeds these conversations is our belief systems created as children.

These beliefs are often fed by inaccurately placing meaning on events in our past.

As children, we don’t have the brainpower to label things correctly and end up with limiting beliefs that can hold us back our entire lives!

Those of us who grew up with the belief that money is scarce and hard to come by often struggle to find abundance and prosperity in our life.

Our limiting beliefs are often the #1 thing that holds us back without us even knowing it.

Revealing these limiting beliefs is a much easier exercise than you may think.

Once you reveal them, you have found absolute gold when it comes to removing your resistance to manifestation.

The Manifestation Method Masterclass reveals your limiting beliefs, reveals their foundational lack of truth, and helps dismantle them.

3 Superpowers

Start activating the 3 greatest superpowers we all have yet few even use!

Better managing your perspective, imagination, and emotions to shift your energy and raise your vibe.

Once you begin to align with your desires, the signs they are on their way begin to appear.

You already have the tools, you just need a better method to utilize them!

How Does It Work?

Members Area

Our 5-day Masterclass is taught in our private coaching group off social media and here on our website.

Apply for Access

This is a hands-on Masterclass geared towards results and personal growth. All applicants are screened.


This is an interactive Masterclass paired with 5 days of accountability and personalized guidance.


Each of the 5 days has actions you’ll take paired with group accountability for best results.

Our private member’s area for live classes
Feel more of the emotions you want to feel

Instead of feeling to act, act to feel.

Avoid the big mistake of “waiting until it feels right.” Use our “act to feel method.”


Make the uncertain feel more certain

Start becoming the creator of your day by setting same-day intentions.


Feel more of the emotions you deserve

Feel more accomplished, more confident, more focused, more aware, and more self-love.


Bridge the gap between imagination and reality

Tap into the power of dynamic imagery to close the gap between imagined and real.

What’s Makes This Unique?

This interactive Masterclass gets to the point fast and shares several methods not commonly discussed.

Our same-day actionable approach to manifesting removes the stress and worry often surrounding manifestation.

We’re used to working with high performers and getting that extra 1-2% out of all they do!

Let’s find that little bit extra within you!

What Skills Will I Gain?

Master these skills. change your life.

  • Improve your self-awareness and become more mindful.
  • Start viewing obstacles as a challenge instead of a threat.
  • Start using the power of perspective to change the way you see things.
  • Improve your focus by removing distractions.
  • Master the art and skill of building positive habits.
  • Growth by embracing the uncomfortable without self-doubt.
  • Master the #1 life skill of letting go of past emotional attachments.
  • Start responding more than you react to charged situations.
  • Tap into the power of small daily incremental gains.
  • Become the master of lower expectations to decrease frustration.
  • Find motivation on-demand using our “act to feel method.”
  • Befriend uncertainty and begin to create from it.
  • Master the uncommon art and skill of reappraisal.
  • Build the habit of challenging the fictitious stories in your mind.
  • Tap into the creative power of your imagination.
  • Enter the present moment and flow state much more often.
  • Overcome and dissolve the illusions of fear holding you back.
  • Better manage your emotions and instantly feel any desired emotion.
  • Silence your inner critic and amplify the voice of its counterpart.
  • Shift your narrative surrounding obstacles and begin looking forward to them.
  • Find your why using a simple method that reveals your true purpose.
  • Start using the undiscovered power of the word “acceptance.”
  • Become the observer and view yourself free of judgment.
  • Improve your self-talk with scripts proven to liven you up.
  • Start viewing mistakes and failures as a gift instead of a curse.
  • Begin setting black and white boundaries using the power of “NO!”
  • Have fun exploring yourself and life along the way.