What Is The Vibe Mindset?

Building emotional intelligence skills using a new proven system.

The Vibrational Scale of Emotions

All emotions vibrate at a specific frequency, as seen in Hertz (Hz) in the adjacent image.

Imagine you’re making a BIG decision while in a state of anger.

Anger vibrates at 150 Hz.

The vibrational frequency of this emotion highly influences the quality of the next decision you make.

People with high emotional intelligence are self-aware and recognize they’re in an angry state of 150 Hz and actively shift closer to 400 Hz before making an important decision.

We can’t think, act, and behave greater than our current emotional state.

Building emotional intelligence skills removes the governor holding us back from making the best decisions possible.

The Vibe Mindset is a form of emotional intelligence training that’s easy to understand and execute.

Why Are Emotional Intelligence Skills Important?

Benefits people with signs of high emotional intelligence skills experience.

Here are several compelling reasons why you need to develop a Vibe Mindset.

  • 90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence is stated to be responsible for 58% of job performance.
  • People with high emotional intelligence make an average of $29,000 more than low!
  • 75% of the Fortune 500 use emotional intelligence training.
  • 59% of employers would not hire someone with a high IQ but low EQ.
  • 95% of people think they’re self-aware, but only 10-15% percent actually are.

The benefits of emotional intelligence training impact your wealth, health, and relationships.

Every experience in our lives is labeled with emotion or influenced by one.

Feeling is the secret to optimizing your life at work and at home.

Emotional-intelligence-in-leaders (1)

How The Vibe Mindset Works

Building a vibe mindset is the key to thinking, feeling, and acting better.

what is emotional intelligence

While working with professional athletes since 2017, I have found a formula for success that works like gold.

It combines emotional intelligence with the wisdom of Neville Goddard, Nickola Tesla, Hermetic principles, and modern-day mystics such as Dr. Joe Dispenza and Eckart Tolle.

The key is a proven system I’ve discovered for breaking the habit of being yourself.

Simply put, it’s a process that transforms you from your current self to your desired self using a very detailed set of actions.

These actions repeated over time yield results I’ve even been shocked by.

Below you’ll find just a few success stories of transformation you could experience for yourself.

This is for action-takers in leadership, C-suite positions, and high performers in sales, marketing, and team management.

If I can help professional athletes in high-pressure situations overcome stress, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and high expectations, imagine what I can do for you!

Who Has This Helped?

It started with professional athletes in 2017 and now sharing it with the public.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the greatest predictor of success in leadership.

emotional intelligence skills

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage one’s own emotions and empathize with the feelings of others, and use this awareness to manage one’s own behavior and relationships effectively and constructively.

The 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence

1 – Self-Awareness

2 – Self-Regulation

3 – Empathy

4 – Motivation

5 – Social Skills

Mastering your life starts when you begin to master your emotions!

Emotional intelligence training and the skills part of The Vibe Mindset are the keys to turning these 5 components into action.

We offer a proven system that has worked time and time again for top athletes as well as executives in leadership roles.

Is This For You?

Allow me to share who this is for as well as the offers we have available to you.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “I set high expectations for myself and am unsure how to change them.”
  • “My limiting beliefs are what holds me back most.”
  • “I’m my own biggest enemy, and negative thoughts are a big part of it.”
  • “I live with stress daily, and I’m sick and tired of it.”
  • “Fear controls my life and holds me back from living the life I want.”
  • “I want to gain more control of my emotions as they can get out of hand.”
  • “I want to learn how to manifest more, but nothing I try seems to work.”
  • “I know my mindset has been holding me back.”

If one of these resonated with you, then you’ve got two options at this point.

Keep doing the same thing and get the same results.

Allow us to help by choosing one of the 3 options below.

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