The Vibe Mindset's #1 Mini-Course - Wealth

Use our 3 part “Daily Vibe” formula to make more money

Find A Better Job

How to find a job you no longer dread going to

Make More Money

The #1 reason people have earnings ceilings and how to remove them

Choose a New Career

How to remove the fear holding you back from a bold career change

Make Money Online

How I make over $100,000 a year only using WhatsApp

Building A Wealth Mindset

How to shift your mindset from one or scarcity to one of abundance

The Wealth Habit

How to form the habits wealthy people use to be in the top 1%

The Vibe Mindset's #1 Mini-Course - Relationships

Improve your relationships with our 3 part “Daily Vibe” formula

Get Over An Ex

How to let go from the painful emotions of a breakup

Save Your Marriage

The #1 way to fix a struggling marriage before it ends in divorce

Just Let Go

How to use the art and skill of letting go to move forward from the past

Find Love

How to become insanely attractive using “The Mirror Principle”

Feel Worth Of Love

The #1 way to feel worthy of love and stop pushing people away

Attract Love To You

How to stop chasing love and allow it to come to you almost effortlessly

The Vibe Mindset's #1 Mini-Course - Health

Change how you feel with our 3 part “Daily Vibe” formula

Create Healthier Habits

How to create healthy habits that actually stick

Stop Bad habits

The #1 way to stop a bad habit from continuing to own you

Getting Started

How to start getting healthy by making your first step easy as pie

Mental Health

The #1 way to improve your mental health during the holidays

Feel Better

How to create a shift in your emotions so quickly it feels odd

Become Focused

How to improve your focus while removing distractions

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The Tiny Action Cheatsheet – Shift your energy instantly with our #1 most popular fast action formula. (Value $45)

Exlcusive Trait Embodiment App

41-Day Guided Imagery Audio Program – impress traits upon your subconscious mind daily. ($89 value)

Accountability Kickstart

11 Days Of Accountability – Dr. Jay Cavanaugh coaches professional athletes at $3,000/mo (Value $1,000)

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My Mind-Blowing Promise

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I’m willing to do this because I believe 100% in this program.

The Benefits

Here are the areas you’ll experience a transformation

Increased Focus

Your focused energy will create noticeable change

Raise Your Vibration

Feel emotions that align with your desires

Boundless Imagination

Your activated imagination will attract your new reality

Belief in Yourself

Create the evidence to prove you’re becoming a better you

Powerful Habits

Make becoming a new you a daily habit

Program Your Subconscious

Install new circuitry to think, feel and act in a new way

The Science Behind It

The proof your transformation is possible

45% of Your Day is a Habit

Your subconscious mind runs 45% of your day. Change your habits, change your life. Duke University Study 2006

Dr. Emoto's Water Experiment

Dr. Emoto studied how spoken words have dramatic effects on water. Proof that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. Dr. Masaru Emoto – 1999

35% Increase in Strength

A study group who only imagined performing an exercise, gained strength without lifting a weight. Imagination creates reality. Neuropsychologia 2004

2023 Price = $225 - Buy Now Price Is ONLY $97!

IMPORTANT: This offer will be removed on January 1st


Take tiny actions daily within one of three areas.

Health – Wealth – Relationships

Simplicity paired with easy-to-understand instructions.

Raise your emotional vibration to align with your desires.


Unlock your new VIBE with our one of a kind app
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The Vibe Mindset

Trait Embodiment

Each day embody a new desirable trait. Become a better version of yourself.


Our story-driven audios activate your imagination. Activate all 5 senses for faster results.


Program 41 desirable traits upon your subconscious mind every evening. A new trait is revealed daily.


Maintain your focus through daily accountability

Daily Accountability Is Key

Keep on track with our Daily Intention Check-in’s. Focus your energy on small actions for daily 1% gains.

Remove Resistance

Post obstacles you are facing in our members area. We provide the strategies to overcome what challenges you.

Repetition Yields Results

Make embodying traits a daily habit. The more you practice, the quicker you rewrite your program and build your identity.

2023 Price = $225 - Buy Now Price Is ONLY $97!

IMPORTANT: This offer will be removed on January 1st

Who Is Behind This?

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Your Coach – My name is Dr. Jay Cavanaugh, and I’m an Emotional Intelligence Coach.

Why trust me –¬† I work daily with professional athletes and business owners.

How long have I done this – I started working on mindset and habit formation in 2017.

What can I expect from you – If you do the work, I’ll get you the results.

What if I have a question – Use the tool below and ask me anything you like.


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