The Vibe Mindset's Self-Mastery Program

Become the person you want to be by managing your vibrational frequency

Are you stuck or do you feel stuck?

A person who is or feels stuck wants freedom from what’s holding them back.

Most people are unaware of what holds them back most.

Many choose to blame the world, blame society, or blame their past.

Casting blame is used to temporarily remove feelings of shame.

The shame, anxiety, and frustration that surrounds us when we want to get somewhere but feel like we haven’t moved an inch.

Master Your Vibe to Master Your Self.

Transformation is easier when you simplify the steps to get there.

Achieving your goals starts by releasing your attachment to the familiarity of the emotions holding you back.

We are deeply designed to avoid the unfamiliar.

We’d rather go to the same restaurant and order the same entree than try something new.

We’d rather stay in the same relationship than find the one we truly desire.

We’d rather stay in the same career we know rather than change careers and learn a new.

Why You Feel Stuck

Knowledge is power but action creates transformation.

People who feel stuck often want to achieve a specific outcome but haven’t.

They want to get from their current state to a desired state or outcome.

So what holds most people back?


Someone who wants love often feels a lack of self-love.

Change feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar yet feeling stuck is a very comfortable and familiar feeling.

The #1 reason we don’t change is that the comfort of a familiar past is more comfortable to us than the uncomfortability of an unpredictable future.

Why Mastering Your Vibe is the Key

When you gain control of your emotions you can control of your future

Emotions are energy in motion.

They are neither good nor bad as they are simply energy.

Feelings are fleeting.

Thoughts and emotions

You do not own your thoughts or emotions.

Identifying with an emotion is what causes it to remain.

This contributes to attachment and difficulty in letting go.

What Actually Holds Us back?

Becoming aware of what holds us back is step #1

If we aren’t moving forward it’s typically an emotion holding us back.

There is a Way Out!

Are you ready to finally create a radically better life for yourself?

What if you had an easy, step-by-step tool for overcoming the obstacles that have been holding you back from achieving your goals?

We don;t move towards something if it doesn’t feel right.

Yet the feelings often holding us back are not based on fact yet based on fiction.

This is often a false narrative based on a limiting belief we formed when younger.

A story based on a misinterpretation of the facts due to the lack of development of our rational and critical thinking mind.

The Vibe Mindset is a way to reprogram your subconscious mind through the power of emotions.

Daily Mindset Programming

Our 4 step program uses the principles of The VIBE Mindset, our one of a kind app, plus accountability to guide your transformation.

Program Your Subconscious

One desirable trait daily before falling asleep

Active Your Imagination

Listen to a 3-5 minute guided imagery audio

Feeling Is The Secret

Feel the elevated emotions of your future today

Set Clear Intentions

Embody your trait throughout your entire day

Build Your Identity

Become You 2.0 with your VIBE Tribe Membership

Unique Trait Embodiment App

Our guided imagery audios program traits upon your subconscious using The VIBE Mindset principles.

Accountability Keeps You On Track

Daily accountability keeps you focused on creating your VIBE throughout the day to get results.

The VIBE Tribe Community

Join an interactive community where you can inspire, or be inspired by, people just like you.

``Everything that is real had to be imagined first.``

MARGERY WILLIAMS – Author – The Velveteen Rabbit

Imagination is the Fuel

Your body doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined.

Stop playing the record of your past.

Spark your imagination to create a roadmap to the future.

The Benefits

Transform in just a few weeks

Increased Focus

Your focused energy will create noticeable change

Raise Your Vibration

Feel emotions that align with your desires

Boundless Imagination

Your activated imagination will attract your new reality

Belief in Yourself

Create the evidence to prove you’re becoming a better you

Powerful Habits

Make becoming a new you a daily habit

Program Your Subconscious

Install new circuitry to think, feel and act in a new way

The Science Behind It

The proof your transformation is possible

45% of Your Day is a Habit

Your subconscious mind runs 45% of your day. Change your habits, change your life. Duke University Study 2006

Dr. Emoto's Water Experiment

Dr. Emoto studied how spoken words have dramatic effects on water. Proof that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. Dr. Masaru Emoto – 1999

35% Increase in Strength

A study group who only imagined performing an exercise, gained strength without lifting a weight. Imagination creates reality. Neuropsychologia 2004

``The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what's real and what's imagined.``

Bob Proctor – Visionary – The Secret

The Energy of Emotions

Destroy feelings of fear, doubt and failure.

Build feelings of faith, confidence and accomplishment.

Raise your emotional vibration to align with your desires.

Nightly Guided Imagery Practice

Unlock your new VIBE with our one of a kind app
Image from The Vibe Mindset
The Vibe Mindset

Trait Embodiment

Each day embody a new desirable trait. Become a better version of yourself.


Our story-driven audios activate your imagination. Activate all 5 senses for faster results.


Program 55 desirable traits upon your subconscious mind every evening. A new trait is revealed daily.

Accountability Leads to Success

Maintain your focus through daily accountability
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Daily Accountability Is Key

Keep on track with our Daily Intention Check-in’s. Focus your energy on small actions for daily 1% gains.

Remove Resistance

Post obstacles you are facing in our members area. We provide the strategies to overcome what challenges you.

Repetition Yields Results

Make embodying traits a daily habit. The more you practice, the quicker you rewrite your program and build your identity.

``If you don't like the results you're getting, then you need to change you, because they are your results.``

RAY STANFORD – Author – Fatima Prophecy

What Makes Us Unique

We’re more than just a meditation app. We’re an active practice to drive faster, and more effective results.

1 – Efficient – Save time as recordings are less than 5 minutes long.

2 – RepetitionGet faster results through daily practice.

3 – The VIBE – Become a superhero using your 4 superpowers; vision, imagination, belief and emotion.

4 – The Secret – Use the energy of emotions to raise your vibration.

5 – Actionable – Imagine and feel the “VIBE”.

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