About The Founder

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh is the founder of The VIBE Mindset. As a medical professional, a high-performance mindset coach, and an expert in emotional intelligence, he focuses on powerful techniques to reprogram your mind.

Inspiration sometimes strikes during your darkest moments. In 2018, his father had two strokes leaving him paralyzed on one side of his body.

Watching him struggle before his death tore him apart for months. The reality of losing him changed when he shifted his perspective on his passing. He suddenly realized that part of his father lives within him, which compelled Dr. Cavanaugh to keep his father’s spirit alive.

The VIBE Mindset was born.

Founder and Creator of The VIBE Mindset

How We Give Back

Help others while helping yourself

In 2019, a year before The VIBE Mindset was conceived, Dr. Cavanaugh founded One Random Act of Kindness Can Change a Life at 1rak.org

Kindness, especially when unexpected, creates strong ripples of happiness. Brightening up someone’s day is not only powerful, but empowering, which is the inspiration behind the launch of 1RAK. 

Check out this random act of kindness when Dr. Cavanaugh took over an ice cream truck and treated local kids to free sweets!

How We Can Help You

Achieve your goals

Our work has been primarily used to help professional athletes.

Since 2018 we have worked one-on-one with professional athletes to help them achieve their goals.

We’ve guided many athletes to earn their first win or a championship using the principles of The Vibe Mindset to help them master their minds.

In 2019, we helped Tyler Bowers beat action sports legend Travis Pastrana in the 500cc class in Pomona, California.

We have many more such stories and Dr. Cavanaugh specializes in professional motorsports

We help people achieve their goals.

image of Dr. Jay Cavanaugh and Tyler Bowers
We crushed it in 2019 at Red Bull Straight Rhythm beating Travis Pastrana!

Elevate Your Emotional State

Create a VIBE using the power of The Vibe Mindset.