Trait EmbodimentTrait embodiment practice

Trait embodiment is the practice of using the creative power of your imagination to physically express a specific personality trait that may feel somewhat unfamiliar to you.


This powerful tool and practice closes the gap between who you currently are and who you desire to be.


Who you are is a set of character traits, beliefs, and habitual subconscious patterns.


People who want transformation in their lives essentially need to become someone else.



This “someone else” is an ideal self who exhibits different personality traits.


Activating your imagination to create a scene in which you can see, hear, feel, taste, and touch a specific characteristic lays the foundation for you to adopt this desirable trait in the future.


Trait embodiment focuses on making traits not commonly exhibited more common through an intentional trait embodiment practice.


Example of a Trait Embodiment Practice

Let’s say, for example, you wish to become a bit more assertive.


In the past, you’ve been everything but assertive, and just the thought of being assertive alone makes you feel uncomfortable.


A trait embodiment practice is designed to bypass the uncomfortable feelings you have surrounding becoming assertive.


It bypasses the resistance of these uncomfortable feelings using the power of your imagination.


To get the most out of this practice, use the power of dynamic imagery.


Move your body and act out this imaginary scene in as much detail and realism as possible to begin to upload this trait to your personal hard drive.


Imagine this…

You are at the doctor’s office to get your yearly exam.


Your intake form states you’re concerned about a skin lesion on your back.


The doctor walks in, runs some tests, tells you how you’re in great shape then begins to walk out of the examination room.


Imagine for a moment time is frozen, and you have a choice to make.


You can either let him leave and live with the stress of what’s growing on your back going undiagnosed, or you can take a stand.


You choose to take a stand, and you quickly stand up, almost jumping off the examination table.


With a strong, confident, yet respectful tone, you say, “Doctor, you forget the most important reason I came to see you today.”


He turns around immediately and makes eye contact with you.


The doctor responds by asking you, “I’m so sorry I overlooked something as it’s been a crazy day, what can I do for you?”


You suddenly feel in control of the room and your health.


You stand strong, feel courageous, and have the doctor’s full attention.


He even quickly sits down to listen to you while you’re still standing.





The look of respect and attentiveness is very evident on his face.


You turn around and ask him to look towards the upper part of your middle back.


You smell a hint of his cologne combined with the smell of a robust cinnamon-flavored mint you can practically taste.


You feel him begin to examine your back with great detail, focus, and curiosity.


He circles around and sits down with a look of excitement as he shares the great news.


This is simply a standard skin tag, and he will refer you to a fantastic dermatologist to remove it.


With your chin held high and a smile forming on your face, you thank the doctor and invite him to enjoy the rest of his day.


The experience

Being assertive at this moment was less uncomfortable than you had anticipated.


This personality trait you previously viewed as not being part of who you are became relatively easy to exhibit in the safety and freedom of your imagination.


You expressed this trait and felt as if it is who you are because your body acted in alignment with it.


You embodied the trait of assertiveness!


The three simple steps to trait embodiment are:

  1. Imagine a scene in which you exhibit your desired trait in detail, activating all five senses.
  2. Move and act out this scene as realistically as possible as if you’re an actress.
  3. Feel this trait as being part of who you are and do as many “assertiveness” reps as possible.


The more often you embody a desired trait of your future self, the more it feels comfortable and familiar.


The more it feels comfortable, safe, and familiar, the more quickly you’ll begin exhibiting this trait on autopilot.


Final Thoughts & Next Steps

Transforming from your current self to your future self isn’t as difficult as you think.


It begins by getting crystal clear on who you wish to become and defining which character traits make up your future self.


Think of each of these traits like a muscle.


image of a female cop


If you go to the gym and want to have more muscular legs, you need to put in the work and put in the reps.


You won’t see a change after 1,2,3 or even four workouts, yet over time you’ll start to see a transformation happening.


Have faith in the unseen and make your trait embodiment practice fun and exciting, so you look forward to it each and every day.


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Dr. Jay Cavanaugh