Your imagination is your greatest gift.


What the mind experiences on the inside is what we will attract on the outside.


Everything that is real had to be imagined first.


Fire, the light bulb, a battery, and a simple pair of socks on your feet all had to be imagined first.



  • What exactly is imagination?
  • How to use your imagination.
  • Imagine if you couldn’t fail.
  • Your imagination is always manifesting.
  • Challenge your assumptions.
  • Consciousness is reality.
  • Believing in the present moment.
  • Imagine in the first person.
  • SATS and imagination.
  • Imagine from the end.
  • Imagination quotes.



What Exactly is Imagination?


“Imagination is the ability to create a mental picture of a scene not perceived through our 5 senses.”


It is one of the gifts we as human beings possess that many other species do not.


“Imagination is the source of creativity in all of us.”


Your mind’s eye is a modern-day term used to describe imagination and is commonly used by yogis.


Use your imagination to create art

Art first imaginetd by Thomas Fedro



How to Use Your Imagination


Your imagination is a powerful tool where all things become possible because your imagination is truly limitless.


Conscious beliefs what limit many of us.


Here’s a list of some ways you can use your imagination.

  • Solve a problem.
  • Create art.
  • Design a new invention.
  • Reimagine your life.
  • Challenge your assumptions.
  • Choose a different perspective.
  • Plan a vacation.
  • Use it to relax.


We are using our imagination all day long yet unconsciously.


Life feels in our control when we start to actively use our imagination to create our day and create our reality.


image of the Vibe Mindset Community invite




Imagine if You Couldn’t Fail


One of my favorite exercises is to imagine something I would like to do under the pretense that it is impossible to fail.


Keep it light and fun and watch what happens.


“Performing this imaginary act in your mind opens up thoughts of possibilities you may not have believed in before.”


We often imagine while letting our limiting beliefs filter out all that is possible.


This leaves us living the same reality over and over based on our perceived limitations.


Only when you imagine under the pretense that failure is not an option, will you be able to step beyond your limiting beliefs and see what you may have never seen or experienced before.


Use your imagination to create

Art first imagined by Viktor



Your Imagination is Always Manifesting


Manifestation is a very hot modern-day topic that iis often spoken of as an action many of us need to learn how to take.


You are always manifesting!


“Your imagination is always creating your reality, the issue is you’re allowing your imagination to work passively instead of actively.”


Like walking your dog in the park, your imagination should be on a leash at times and off the leash at times.


When you let your imagination run free, it has a tendency to imagine worse case scenarios and focus on potentially negative outcomes.


It does this because it still believes the most important task for it to do is to keep you safe and alive.


We know where you focus your attention is where your energy flows and what becomes manifested into your life.


Let your imagination run free and you may find yourself manifesting the worst-case scenarios you imagine into reality.


Choose to actively manage your imagination and use your imagination to create best-case scenarios.


Letting your imagination run free leaves your manifestations to chance.


“Gain control over your life by becoming an active participant in using your imagination.”


You manifest the life you have yet that may not be the life you want.


Let’s say for example you want to have your own business and become an entrepreneur.


Every single day you state your daily affirmations.

  • “I am independent.”
  • “I am wealthy.”
  • “I own my own business.”


You feel like you’re doing the work because you rarely miss a day and often state your affirmations several times a day!


What you’re doing is stating that you are something that you are not.


The intuitive mind within your heart knows this to be creating a lack of heart and brain coherence.


“Lack becomes a dominating state and you don’t manifest what you want, you manifest what you feel.”


A feeling of lack will manifest more lack.


You may even believe that one day in the future you will become this person, but you are manifesting that you will one day be that person, not that you have become that person.



Challenge Your Assumptions


One of the most powerful ways to use your imagination is to challenge your assumptions.


Assumption is such a powerful concept Neville Goddard created the Law of Assumption to describe in detail its power and how to harness it.


Here’s our #1 most popular video on Neville’s Law of Assumption.



The human brain is a prediction making machine.


Your mind makes assumptions, based on predictions about the future, by comparing it to patterns of past experiences.


An assumption is simply a hypothesis or an educated guess.


“Our mind doesn’t like the unknown, the uncomfortable, and the unfamiliar.”


It wants to know what to expect.


Use your imagination to challenge your assumptions by creating 3 assumptions for every future experience your mind is curious to predict.


Let your mind come up with one, then you come up with 2 additional scenarios.


This may sound odd but come up with an extreme best-case scenario as well as a horrible worst-case scenario that is almost laughable and overly dramatic.


The later assumption imagined desensitizes you and pokes fun at how far fetched a negative thought can go.


Abandon a previous state of mind.


Challenge your assumptions and see things in a new way to open the door to new possibilities and outcomes.


Use your imagination to draw

Art first imagined by Malika Favre



Consciousness is Reality


What you perceive to be your reality is your reality.


If you believe the world is an unfriendly place then it is.


If you believe you can or cannot you are likely right.


“Too many of us believe we are victims of circumstance.”


We believe our lives are the result of many causes, not realizing we are the cause and not the effect.


What you believe in is your choice.


Choose to believe in something different than you have in the past.


Use your imagination to consciously create a new life for yourself by reimagining it.


Imagine things you would like to see, feel, and experience.


Actively train your mind to consciously imagine a brighter future.



Believing in the Present Moment


To truly believe in yourself, and your ability to consciously create your life, you must believe it is happening or has happened, not that it one day will.


To many, belief is a future event.


It’s believing that one day in the future your dreams will come true.


We mistakenly believe these dreams will become a reality, while currently feeling a state of disconnect from this future reality.


In order to truly create your reality, you must believe it is happening in the present moment and not in the future.


The phrase “I will be” must be replaced with “I am.”


The former is a future and conditional statement while the latter is a current active statement.


“This is a critical yet often overlooked fact that is critical to your success.”


Use your imagination to believe what you desire is happening now as if you were just thrown into a movie and told to play the part the best you can.


When you imagine your future reality as if it is happening now you remove the unconscious state of lack and separation which allows for heart-brain coherence.


This coherence bridges the gap between your imagination and turns it into reality.


Everything happens and is possible in the present moment.


Art first imagined by Yayoi Kusama


Imagine in the First Person


One of the biggest mistakes people make when actively imagining the life they wish to live is they imagine in the third person and not the first.


Are you making this mistake?


An example of imagining in the third person would be you observing what you believe to be yourself living the life you wish.


You are a few feet away watching “yourself” with that special person, at that new job, or living in that big house.


“The issue is you are disembodied during this imaginative event.”


You are not inside that body looking through the eyes of who you imagine yourself to be.


You are the observer.


When you are not embodying that character in your mental movie, then it’s not you.


It is you observing someone else living the life you wish to live and not you!


Embody that character in the first person.


“Be the character, see, smell, and hear within the character of your imagination, not from outside of it.”


Outside is the disembodied third-person perspective.


Use your imagination to see things as if they are happening right now and you will surely turn this into a future reality.



SATS and Imagination


If you are aware of Neville Goddard’s teachings then you may have bumped into SATS.


“SATS = State akin to sleep.”


Simply put, this means entering into a brain wave state very similar to the theta brain wave state which is the gateway to your subconscious mind.


In the middle of an active day your brain wave state will be in Beta which is the furthest from accessing the power of your subconscious mind.


To enter a SATS you must be relaxed and in a meditative state.


This is the state where you want to be when imagining!


Theta brain wave state naturally occurs right before sleep and just upon awakening.


If you’re wishing to enter into this state in the middle of the day start by finding a relaxed quiet space, begin counting backward while focusing on taking deep breaths.


“You’ll naturally fall into this state with practice and this is the ultimate time to use your imagination.”


Using your imagination at any time of day is great however, using it right before sleep and just upon awakening has the most powerful effect.


Use your imagination to create amazing art

Art first imagined by Orlando Arocena



Imagine From the End 


Imagining from the end means you imagine the endpoint of your desires and not just the road to them.


The reason we benefit from imagining from the end is it elicits the elevated emotion one would expect to feel had the event truly happened.


Our most popular video on imagination will offer you some additional insights.



This evokes the emotion and it’s vibrational frequency which acts like a magnet to attract that which you desire to you.


Think of it as a 2 step process.

  • Step 1 – Thoughts create and send out energy.
  • Step 2 – Emotions act like a magnet attracting things to us.


One of the reasons we don’t get what we want out of life is we desire in a state of lack, a low vibrational emotion, which is in misalignment with our desires.


Think of it as turning into the driveway to the wrong house.


“In order to get where we want, we must go down the road that leads to our desired outcome.”


Feeling the anticipated emotion ahead of the event is kinda like turning on a GPS to guide us in the exact direction we wish to go.



Imagination Quotes


  • “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”Albert Einstein
  • “The man who has no imagination has no wings.”Mohammed Ali
  • “What is now proved was once only imagined.”William Blake
  • Live out of your imagination, not your history.”Stephen Covey
  • “Imagination creates reality.” Richard Wagner
  • “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”Gloria Steinem
  • “To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.” Richard Blake.




Use your imagination more often and create your life more often instead of passively leaving it to chance.


Imagine a better life, imagine a different way, and imagine more of what is possible.


If you want some guidance and tricks on how to use your imagination in powerful ways, email me or join our email list!


Dr. Jay Cavanaugh

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