BurnoutHow To Recover From Burnout As A Content Creator

Content creator burnout is a big problem.


A study conducted by ConvertKit indicated that 61% of content creators stated they face burnout.


Influencers, social media celebrities, and YouTube channel owners feel constant pressure to create content.


This constant pressure is causing content creators to struggle with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, negative thoughts, and overwhelming feelings.


According to Sean Cannell of Think Media, “Burnout has affected generations of social media creators now.”


Many creators end up feeling depressed and discouraged to the point that they leave the platform.


Sean also states, “A lot of content creators that jump into this thing discover that they have huge skill gaps in leadership, emotional intelligence, money management, character development, and the result is that the pressure of being a successful content creator is it breaks up marriages, shatters people’s mental health, leaves them stuck, sometimes worse than when they started.”


Content creator burnout




The Stress Of Being A Content Creator

Is Being A Content Creator Stressful?


Yes, being a content creator is stressful!


In fact, many top content creators have publicly stated they are dealing with mental health struggles such as burnout and depression.


YouTuber Elle Mills recently released a video describing how burning out impacted her capacity to share content with more than a billion users.


In the past few years, videos, tweets, and posts were posted announcing the prevalence of burnout.


61% of creators polled stated they face burnout.


This is a genuine concern, and this challenging problem is only growing!



What Does Content Creator Burnout Look Like?

Here is a short list of signs to help you identify creator burnout.


  1. The quality of your work is diminishing

  2. Your creative juices stop flowing

  3. You react more strongly to negative comments from followers

  4. Your level of productivity drops

  5. Procrastination becomes the word that defines your day

  6. The quality of your relationships begins to struggle

  7. Your sex drive drops off the face of the earth

  8. Bad habits such as emotional eating and drinking creep in


If even three of these signs resonated with you, it’s time to seek help.


Five or more signs, and you need to make this a priority.


How To Recover From Burnout As A Content Creator



How To Overcome Content Creator Burnout

How do you overcome creator burnout when you need to keep creating content?


It sounds like a catch-22 until you realize there are some proven strategies you can start implementing today that are sure to make a difference!


5 Best Advice & Tips To Overcome Content Creator Burnout

  1. Take a break

The creation process doesn’t need to be a 24/7 job.


Many creators believe they miss a day and the algorithm will punish them.


This isn’t true.


  1. Punch in and out

Avoiding burnout starts by setting clear and distinct boundaries.


The beauty of working from home or free of a boss is you can set your own hours.


This can also become a curse.


Select a time you start working, stop working every day, and honor this time and watch a weight feel lifted off your shoulders.


  1. Recognize the irony

The craziest experience I’ve had on my creator journey is realizing that the freedom I wanted to feel from being my own boss completely backfired.


Working 8-hour days with no weekends quickly turned into 12-14 hour days, including weekends.


Sound familiar?


Take a step back and recall why you embarked on this journey in the first place.


  1. Move your body

Emotions may be ignited in your mind, but they are felt in your body.


Moving your body is one of the easiest habits to start to shift your energy and elevate your emotional vibe.


I work out every day at 7 AM, even if it’s just dancing to some 80’s YouTube videos.


Don’t focus on intensity and duration; instead, focus on raising your vibe higher than when you started, and keep it fun!


  1. Find Support

You didn’t become a top content creator all alone, nor should you face this battle alone.


Seek help from someone who is an expert in mindset, emotions, and managing burnout.


Dr. Jay Cavanaugh of The Vibe Mindset can help.


As a content creator, he will understand what you’re going through and offer you daily guidance on overcoming your struggles and finding joy in content creation once again!



How Can A Content Creator Prevent Burnout?

Creating content to build your personal brand and make more money is nothing to be ashamed of.


The problem with content creation is our daily routine can often be taken over by our work.


Creating a change in your life begins by identifying your habitual patterns of thought, focus, and action.


Prevent burnout by asking yourself these questions

  1. How many hours a day am I working on or thinking about my business?

Answer more than 8 hours, and you may be at risk for creator burnout. DO NOT FORGET to add time thinking about content creation, as well as it’s time you’re not focused on friends, family, and relaxation.


  1. How many hours of quality sleep am I getting per night?

You are not getting enough sleep if your number is less than seven.


  1. How many times per day do I mentally disengage from work?

How many breaks do you actually take? Aim for at least 3-5 daily. Even a 5-minute break of true disconnection can reset your mental health meter!


Next Steps

If you want someone to talk about your burnout with, feel free to reach out to us to see how we can help.

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh