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Writing crystal clear wants, desires, and intentions into a manifestation journal is a powerful way to manifest more into your reality.


In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to begin manifesting more using the power of journaling.






  • What is a manifestation journal?
  • 11 benefits of starting a manifestation journal
  • Writing things down is powerful
  • 7 easy ways to start a manifestation journal
  • Creating a manifestation journal with prompts
  • How to use a manifestation journal
  • How to do the 369 manifestation method




What is a Manifestation Journal?


A manifestation journal is a handwritten set of crystal clear daily intentions paired with a plan for eliciting an elevated emotion.


This emotion’s vibrational frequency should be elevated and in close alignment with your desired intentions.


Journaling builds faith and confidence in yourself.


“Create faith and confidence by saying you’re going to do something and do it.”


This daily practice is the perfect way to stay focused on what you want more of in your life.


This video shows you how to manifest more by setting clear intentions and pair them with elevated emotions.



This is the one-two punch to start manifesting!




11 Benefits of Starting a Manifestation Journal


There are plenty of benefits to getting started.


Here’s a list of the benefits you are sure to experience:


  1. Improve your mindset.
  2. Reveal patterns of thought.
  3. Set clear daily intentions.
  4. Become a better version of yourself.
  5. Improve focus.
  6. Remove distractions.
  7. Activate your imagination.
  8. Notice trends in behavior.
  9. Expose toxicity in your life.
  10. Create your reality.
  11. Track your life’s progress.


Which benefit inspires you most to start?


Start by taking one single action.


What single action can you take in the next 60 seconds to start this process?



Writing Things Down is Powerful


Here are the reasons why:


  1. Boosts the brain’s neuronal activity.
  2. Seeing your own handwriting is powerful.
  3. It’s proven to be faster!
  4. Increases encoding and recall.
  5. Fewer distractions.


Take a break from your smartphone and other devices and go back to paper.


You’ll enjoy disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with yourself and your mind.


Get back to the basics and journal using a notebook or purchase a manifestation journal on Amazon.




7 Easy Ways to Start a Manifestation Journal


Let’s talk about the steps to take to manifest your desires:


  1. Buy a well-built journal to start – This is something you’ll use daily. Make sure it can handle the work and is aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Piggyback your daily journaling off a preexisting habitMaking journaling a habit is critical. Attaching your new habit to an existing morning habit.
  3. Reward yourself after your daily entryThink of a fun way to reward yourself for helping make this a habit. Consider a daily happy dance!
  4. Start with your “morning ask”Get crystal clear on what feeling or experience you intend to create. Think to-feel-list, not a to-do-list.
  5. Write down your “mid-day believe”What action will you take to create the belief it’s already yours? Make it simple and attainable same day.
  6. Finish with your “evening receive”What do you feel most grateful for by day’s end? Make sure you feel it and not just state it!
  7. Be consistentThe key to manifestation lies in repetition, frequency, and emotional alignment. Become disciplined with your new practice.


“Don’t overthink it.”


Remove all barriers to getting started!




Creating a Manifestation Journal With Prompts


A manifestation journal with prompts makes it easier to follow a daily practice with structure.


Prompts are a reminder of what to focus on when adding your journal entries.


Here is a list of prompts to consider:


  • What’s my vibe today?
  • What thoughts are most dominant in my mind today?
  • Where can I shift my energy and attention to better serve me?
  • The feeling I would like to experience most today is…
  • How would I like to give to others today?
  • The emotion I felt most today is…
  • Today I felt grateful when…
  • Additional thoughts on my day…


Never feel restricted or pigeonholed into a specific process.


The goal of journaling is to increase your self-awareness and become more mindful of how your thoughts, feelings, and actions.


There is no right or wrong way to do it.


“Journaling is simply an act of self-expression and self-exploration.”


Have fun with it!




How to Use a Manifestation Journal


Now that you know how to journal, how can you best reflect on your journal entries to gain powerful insights?


“This is a rarely discussed subject when it comes to journaling but is where 50% of journalings power lies.”


Your writing process is mostly focused on setting crystal clear intentions and being mindful of where you’re focusing your energy.


Each week consider setting a day or time for self-reflection to review your journal entries.


Your reflection day will reveal 3 things:


  1. Where can you shift your focus, energy, and attention to better serve you?
  2. Which patterns exist, and should they be broken or amplified?
  3. How would a shift in your perspective change the way you viewed your reality?


Don’t forget; your reflection days are valuable.


In order to make self-reflection count view it from the perspective of the observer, while free of judgment.


Refuse to beat yourself by stating, “Well, isn’t that interesting” when you reflect on something you feel guilt, shame, or embarrassment for.




How to Do the 369 Manifestation Method


Karen Yee created the 369 manifestation method.


This method focuses on the frequency of which you write down your desires into your manifestation journal.


Start by creating a powerful affirmation statement that includes 4 parts:


  1. Start with gratitude.
  2. Your want or desire.
  3. Add an elevated emotion.
  4. Finish with “into my life.”


For example:


“I am so thankful for the financial abundance that has brought tremendous joy into my life.”


Next, the 369 manifestation method has a specific frequency for you to write down your affirmation.


Here is the 369 manifestation method flow:


  • Journal 3 times in the morning.
  • 6 times midday.
  • 9 times before bed.


Write down the exact affirmation statement you created.


I recommend not just writing down the statement but also verbalizing it.


Ramp up the power behind this technique by feeling as if your wish fulfilled during this process.


The more you focus your energy and attention on your desired manifestation, the more it expands and is attracted to you.


“Enter into a state of wholeness and unity while performing this technique.”


Being in a state of lack and separation will negate its powerful effects.






Manifesting is easier than you think.


Discipline and focus are the keys.


Want help staying focused and accountable to your manifestation journal?


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Dr. Jay Cavanaugh

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