As a high-performance mindset coach, I can tell you setting intentions is the single most important skill I develop with my athletes.


To have a crystal clear daily purpose maintains your focus on what matters most.


Pair this focus with the excitement of purpose and you are sure to accomplish that which you desire!



  • What do intentions mean?
  • How intentions are different from goals.
  • The benefits of setting intentions for the day.
  • How to set intentions.
  • 3 examples of setting an intention.
  • When to set your intentions.
  • Why setting crystal clear intentions is important.
  • The most common mistakes with intentions.
  • Setting intentions quotes.




What Do Intentions Mean?


Our definition of an intention is a bit different than some as we focus on the desired feeling.


Setting intentions is defined as the act of clearly stating what you intend to feel by taking a specific action throughout your day.


Feelings are 100% internal while 100% of outcomes are external.


This is a clear distinction to make between intentions and goals which we will be covering next.


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How Intentions Are Different From Goals


Although they seem quite similar, goals are more outcome-based while intentions are more process-based.


Think of setting intentions as a powerful step to achieving your goals.


View them as the means to an end goal.


Intentions also come strictly from within you whereas goals often require more external support.




The Benefits of Setting Intentions for the Day


Here is a list of the benefits you are sure to experience when you make setting intentions a daily habit:


  • It feels rewarding.
  • Creates momentum.
  • Builds confidence.
  • Feels empowering.
  • Builds self-trust.


One of the most powerful ways to build confidence is to say you’re gonna do something and just do it!


“To honor a promise you make to yourself is a self-empowering experience that can ignite a fire in you.”


What’s your intention for today?




How to Set Intentions


Let’s start with a simple list of the actions you’ll need to take, followed by a more in-depth explanation of each step.


The Vibe Mindset’s 5 steps to setting powerful intentions are:


  1. Think about what you want.
  2. Make it small and achievable.
  3. Get crystal clear on what it is.
  4. Feel as if you already achieved it.
  5. Repeat first thing, every morning.


This is our secret sauce to realizing your desires.


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Each step is important and cannot survive without the other.




3 Examples of Setting an Intention


Let’s add some additional clarity to this process by sharing with you some examples.


Here is a list of three commonly shared intentions many people set daily:


  1. “Feeling accomplished is my focus today.”
  2. “Today, I want to feel a connection with others.”
  3. “Today I want to feel a weight lifted off my shoulders.”


Here at The Vibe Mindset, we refer to this process as, “The Morning Ask.”


“This is the practice of simply stating a feeling you wish to experience, every morning before your two feet touch the ground to start your day.”


Turning this skill into a daily habit is the key to transforming your life.


Consider setting a reminder on your phone or a visual reminder in your bathroom.


Another way to make this become a daily habit is to find an accountability partner or a friend with whom you can enjoy this journey with.



When to Set Your Intentions


You should consider this as a part of your morning routine as it sets the tone for your day.


“Knowing when to set your intentions is important because our first goal in getting started is to make this a daily habit.”


One of the keys to habit formation is stacking a new habit onto or before a preexisting habit.


The most simple yet powerful way to remember to set your daily intention is to do it before you leave your bed.


When you first awaken you are just coming out of a theta brain wave state and your subconscious mind is most clear and suggestible.


I personally find this time to be one of greater clarity than 30 minutes to an hour later when life starts to happen.


Many of us are looking for a sense of purpose and direction in our lives and this immediately solves this concern.




Why Setting Crystal Clear Intentions is Important


One mistake many people make is they lack specificity and clarity.


If you state you want today to be great, how exactly do you want that to look?


Without specificity, you lack a sense of clarity.


Watch our popular YouTube video on this exact subject to gain some insights.



The more you get clear on things the more thought, imagination, and feeling go into it.


Think of this as adding both power and direction to your desires becoming a reality.


One statement you can ask yourself is, “tell me more”, this pushes you to go deeper and get clearer.




The Most Common Mistakes With Intentions


The single most common mistake made is making them an outcome as opposed to a process.


If you set an intention such as, “I want to clean my kitchen today”, you’ve set an outcome-based goal.


This mistake is all too common and is easily avoided.


Focus more on the process as it is replicable whereas outcomes sometimes are not.


“Choose process over outcome and the journey over the destination.”


No worries, mistakes are part of the learning process.


You got this!




Setting Intentions Quotes


Here are just a few quotes for you:


  • “Intention is more than wishful thinking. It’s willful direction.”
  • “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”
  • “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good.”
  • “Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention.”


The best quotes are the ones that inspire you to take immediate action.


What action will you take today?


Consider writing down exactly how you want to feel every morning somewhere you will visually be reminded.


I’ve even used to create graphics I use as a background on my phone.


It doesn’t take long at all!




What To Do Next


What are your intentions?


When is the last time you set one?


Do you feel informed and inspired and ready to start your new daily practice?


If you want some accountability for this process, we have the perfect program for you!


Shoot me an email directly to receive your personal invite to our private group coaching program.


I can promise you that accountability within a private group with like-minded people is a huge driver of your success.


Although mindfulness and spirituality have grown, we need to band together and support each other on this wonderful journey we call life.


Dr. Jay Cavanaugh

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