motivation positive affirmations

11 Self-Affirmations to Help You Stay Motivated Every Day!

The key to getting motivated is using the power of daily positive affirmations is to pair the affirmation with an elevated emotion. Most people make the mistake of stating affirmations in a lower vibrational emotional state. This mistake can be quite costly according to a 2009 study by Joanne Wood, Department of Psychology, University of…

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how long it will take to manifest something or someone including manifestation rates

How Long to Manifest? (Calculate Your Manifestation Rate)

Manifestation rates vary depending on the desired outcome.   In this article, we’ll cover average manifestation rates for a variety of desired outcomes.   You’ll learn about a new term catching fire in the manifestation and spirituality space.   It’s called your “manifestation rate.”     How Long Does Manifestation Take?   Here are the…

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image of minifestation method article

“Minifestation”: How to Quickly Manifest The Life You Desire

Minifestation is the realization of your desires through small and frequent “mini-actions.”   Think of “minifestation” as a piston inside of an engine and “manifestation” as the entire engine itself.   Imagine taking tiny baby steps, multiple times a day in order to inch towards your goals.   These “mini-actions” include: Focusing on one specific…

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image about uncomfortabilty

Uncomfortability is The #1 Best Secret to Personal Growth

Uncomfortability doesn’t feel good until you shift your perspective on what this feeling is revealing.   We’ve evolved as a species due to the safety uncomfortableness brings, yet this often no longer serves us as modern-day humans.       How Uncomfortability is a Strong Opportunity for Personal Growth What is uncomfortability? Uncomfortability served a…

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manifestation journal

7 Easy Ways to Start a Powerful Manifestation Journal

Writing crystal clear wants, desires, and intentions into a manifestation journal is a powerful way to manifest more into your reality.   In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to begin manifesting more using the power of journaling.       Index   What is a manifestation journal? 11 benefits of starting…

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How to Raise Your Vibration Fast

To raise your vibration is to raise your level of consciousness and elevate your emotional state.   Let’s discuss how to raise your vibration in a few simple yet effective ways for you to clearly understand.   We’ll start by covering some of the most commonly asked questions about raising your vibrational frequency.   Index…

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